Stacey Hayashi (estacer) wrote in teamjonriki,
Stacey Hayashi

Mailing Party Date Change!

Hey all -- sorry, May 9 is Mother's Day.

NEW DATE: Wednesday, May 12 from 5:00 p.m.

  • Thank you!

    Thanks everybody for helping with the mailing! We really appreciate it. :) Hope everyone had fun, even though it went kinda late. Y'all rock.

  • (yes we will have pizza at the mailing party)

    just thought i'd post that since some people were asking. *ahem* :)

  • Mailing Party! Sunday May 9, 5 pm

    Hey guys! It's that time again. Time for a mailing party that is. 5 pm at our office. If you need directions email me at…

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